Terms of Use

Published October 13, 2011

Though Birmingham View Online was developed for the interests of persons aged 18 and older, anyone visit the site and comment on any of its associated sites. However, to gain broader access to the site’s offering as members requires visitors to provide a valid email address, username and zip code.

Our goal at Birmingham View Online to create a civic circle where people interested in the positive aspects of urban living in Birmingham can exchange ideas and engage in respectful conversation about issues pertaining to the City of Birmingham and the surrounding region. We want to keep all exchanges here civil and productive. Therefore, we ask that those who leave comments on our site refrain using from vulgarities, obscenities, racial and sexual epithets, slanderous insults,  and from engaging in disruptive activitiies such as flaming of fellow readers and commenters. A witty sense of humor is always appropriate; well-written, well-reasoned comebacks or opinions are encouraged, since they make for good reading!

We have high expectations of Birmingham View visitors and assume all post comments are worth reading and discussing. Posted comments may be  published automatically. You may select or create an avatar to go with your comments.

However, we reserve the right to delete avatars and comments that violate our terms of use, our privacy policiy and community sensibilities for visitors who may be under age 18. For visitors and members who continue to violate our policies, we reserve the right to block their future access to this site.